BBC Children in Need 2016

Regan's story

At nine months old, Regan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and microcephaly.

Subsequently he was also diagnosed with epilepsy. As determined child he was able to walk by two years old with leg splints. Regan’s speech is affected by cerebral palsy. He has grown up to be a happy teenager, but finding ways for him socialise independently became tricky; what teenager wants to have their mum hanging around when they want to be on their own, doing their own thing? 

BBC Children in Need fund a project called Ab Phab in London. It is here, at this youth club, that a safe environment for Regan and other young people has been set up to enable them to socialise on their own and have independence.   

Ab Phab Youth Club offers an inclusive youth club for young people and young adults aged 11 - 25 based in Barking and Dagenham. They aim to support, aid and encourage the acquisition of skills and the transition from dependence to an individual’s own level of independence and inclusion within a fun and safe environment and within the wider community. 

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