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​Jackson's New Found Confidence

Raising money to help children like Jackson reach their potential.

Jackson, now almost four, was just days old when a stroke left him with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties. Finding the right nursery for him was going to be a struggle, but then his family discovered a project called Y-Bont.

Y-Bont helps disabled children fulfil their potential. A Children’s Outreach Worker helped Jackson settle in to life at Y-Bont nursery where he now attends full-time. The boy who loves cooking, gardening and playing on a toy tractor is unrecognisable from the shy, nervous child who started at the nursery over two years ago. “Jackson was withdrawn and lacked confidence,” explains Jackson’s dad, Dave. “He would be quiet all day – now he babbles away.”

In the past, Jackson has broken his hand and nose when dropping to the floor during seizures. Since starting nursery, Y-Bont has helped him learn techniques to stay safe. “Now he lies down on the floor if he’s feeling a bit dizzy or can sense a seizure coming on,” says Dave.

Thanks to your donations, BBC Children in Need have part-funded a Children’s Outreach Worker at Y-Bont. Including Jackson, she's supported 46 children at nursery this year. “He gets the opportunity to do things that he wouldn’t do anywhere else.” says Dave.


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