Team Cardiff have been striving this week to reach their fundraising target ahead of the ride, with the team giving it the final push over the weekend before the event.  


Wet doesn't even begin to describe it... 

A wet weekend stopped plans for last minute training rides for many of Team Cardiff, but not for Carl Woodfine-Jones and Neil Griffiths. On Saturday they braved the elements to take on their final long-distance training ride. This was a ‘cool’ 106 mile journey, starting in Cardiff to Port Talbot before heading north and over the famous Bwlch and back. To say conditions were damp is an understatement – they were in the clouds on top of the Bwlch with dangerous side winds and torrential rain. To top it all off, Neil suffered his first puncture, a mere 96 miles in! This weekend they plan to take things a little easier with the event starting from Tuesday. The video of the ride can be send here

The team are now focusing on getting both themselves and their bikes ready for the week ahead. On Saturday, Neil Davies dropped off his road bike off for a Tour de Pudsey service. He then ventured out on his mountain bike for a bit of hill climbing and stunning views. Lucy decided to try and get out for a ride Saturday morning before the rain was forecast to hit. Unfortunately the weather forecast proved inaccurate, reminding her of just how hard it is to cycle in the cold and wet. Ali Rafik shared some of his training stats with Team Cardiff. He has commuted to work on bike since signing up for the Tour de Pudsey, and managed a staggering mileage of 700 miles in the month of May. He recorded over 1,000 miles in the each of the months of July and August, accompanied with 32,000 and 49,000 feet of climbing respectively. This will leave Ali in a great position for Tour de Pudsey.

Dave Robertson is getting friends and colleagues to sponsor each one of the 321 miles ahead. They will get prizes for the fastest mile each day and the mile where Dave gets his first puncture. To try and protect himself against punctures, he decided to try and fit a slime inner tube but he heard a loud bang and looked to find slime all over the garage.