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Ewan McCulloch

There is something wonderful about cycling in the UK.

My cycling journey started modestly enough. 15 miles was an epic distance. As the years have progressed, the distances and adventures have expanded. With a couple of friends we started going on a few cycling sportives which often involved driving a few hours away. And it was while chatting in the pub about doing one in the north of Scotland, one of us joked it would be quicker to fly to the Alps. And so our first foreign bike ride came along. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to cycle in the Alps, Pyrenees and the Dolomites.

But there is something wonderful about cycling in the UK. The combination of terrain and weather makes it challenge unlike anywhere else. So the opportunity of cycling for a good cause for three days in September was an obvious attraction. It will obviously be a huge physical challenge. But what really motivates me is the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause. Every year, as a family, we watch BBC Children in Need. And I’ll confess I’m one of those people that, other than making a purchase at the occasional bake sale or raffle, watched rather than got heavily involved.

So this was the year I decided I’d make a proper contribution. It will hurt. But the result will be more than worth it.

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