Give & Gain 2016

Over 5,000 colleagues were out in force this year taking part in activities in support of our biggest volunteering campaign of the year - Give & Gain.

Teams of colleagues across the country took part in a wide variety of activities including volunteering with causes who have received a grant through our partnership with BBC Children in Need. Throughout the week colleagues have been sharing their skills, knowledge and life experiences, working alongside young adults and school children as well as supporting community groups.

A colleague shared their experience after taking part in an Enterprise workshop
"We shared our business skills with the children to help them plan a strategy for their company and there was a buzz of excitement in the room when they counted up the gold coins they received from selling all the paper frogs that they made. The children really enjoyed the experience and the school asked us to go back again next year!”

Another said: “Taking part in the Active Learning - Sportinspired Games was a great way to get involved with the local community. Seeing the children work in teams, supporting and cheering each other on was brilliant. It was inspiring to see how enthusiastic they were to try new activities and the best bit was to see how their confidence grew throughout the day.”

“White City Adventure Playground is a collection of slides, swings, walkways and creative play opportunities to build a much better partnership between local people and their public services. We helped build a roof on a tree house, built a pizza oven, tidied the garden and painted which means they now have additional facilities to enjoy and share with the local community.”