• Helping manage the financial strain of university

    Lloyds Scholars Programme

    Our social mobility programme aimed at UK students, was established in 2011. In partnership with eight leading universities across the UK, we offer students from lower income households a complete support package, helping them manage the financial strain of University whilst improving their employability. Lloyds Scholars receive a unique combination of financial support, a Lloyds Banking Group mentor, sessions to develop their skills and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience though paid internships. In return we ask that they volunteer for local causes, enabling them to enhance their CV and give back to their local community.

  • Learning new things through volunteering 

    Steph Calley, Lloyds Scholar - University of Bath 

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    I can help, I’ve been there myself 

    Hamza, Lloyds Scholar - University of Birmingham 

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    As part of our ambition to help Britain prosper we are committed to addressing inequality, supporting disadvantaged people and championing Britain’s diversity.

    Paul O'Neill,  Head of Lloyds Scholars 

    What makes the Scholars programme so unique is the sense of community with other Scholars, forming lasting relationships and being able to share experiences from completing university and internships in the bank together.

    Jordan Choy,  Scholar, Credit Analyst on the Group’s Graduate Programme 

  • Complete support package for students 

    Learn more about the programme, the volunteering opportunities, our partner universities and how to apply. 

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