Empowering artists on a social mission

Call of the Brave promotes new artists and supports people affected by unfair fashion.

Dave Martin established Call of the Brave in 2014 to use the power of business to create positive social change in the UK and further afield. By selling top quality T-shirts from ethical sources, Call of the Brave gives aspiring artists and designers a chance to promote their work and get paid for doing so, and provides a crowd-sourced tool-box to help develop their creative talent and entrepreneurial skills. By crowdfunding T-shirts, there is no waste and no upfront costs; it is a risk-free way for artists to try out designs.

The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme helped Dave develop his ideas and provided his enterprise with a financial grant which has allowed him to hire an intern and run marketing campaigns. Dave also received a learning programme with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and a business mentor from the Lloyds Banking Group which showed him the importance of support networks while his mentor helped him prioritise tasks and create an effective plan of action.

Dave Martin said: “As part of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme, I am developing additional skills which will help get Call of the Brave off the ground. I have benefited greatly from being part of a community of entrepreneurs who are all going along the same journey; we share learning from our experiences and champion each other’s causes. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with a dedicated business mentor from the bank.” 

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