Raising the confidence of those affected by illness.

Having worked in the beauty industry for ten years as a therapist and teacher, Laura noticed that some clients seek treatments during illness to help boost their confidence. She was inspired to set up Camoconfidence, a social enterprise offering medical tattooing to help raise the confidence of those affected by illness.

With the concept of a 'Buy one, Give one CIC', Laura can provide free treatments, such as eyebrow tattooing, for those suffering from illnesses including vitiligo, cancer and hair loss. The profits raised from those having semi-permanent make up for cosmetic reasons can be used to provide treatments for those affected by illness. She has found that patients dislike the sympathy that having an illness draws and feel that they lose their identity, so Laura finds it greatly rewarding to provide these much-needed confidence boosts.

Laura first heard about the concept of social enterprise through the recommendation of her Princes Trust tutor, Natasha, a previous fellow of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme, and she is now a current student on the Start Up London programme. Laura feels that the support and scope of the programme has helped her immensely, from understanding the legal side of her social business better, to developing presentation skills and learning from fellow social entrepreneurs on the programme.

Looking to the future, Laura is keen to align with the NHS and work alongside Royal Marsden Hospital to offer free tattooing for patients, developing treatments for those who have undergone mastectomies. With the support and reputation of the programme behind her, she feels this is now a possibility.