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The idea of Waterwish first came about when Jay's wife received life-changing surgery in 2009. It meant they needed an alternative form of outdoor exercise that she could participate in.  

Jason Gough first came up with the idea of his social enterprise, Waterwish, when his wife received life-changing surgery in 2009, after which they had to come up with an alternative form of outdoor exercise that she could participate in. The solution was to use a Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayak which is a low-impact variation of the normal Kayak which Jason was aware of, having been an instructor for many years.

Since then, Jason began Waterwish, which runs outdoor and water-based group activities and workshops, with a particular focus on young people and those suffering from physical illness or mental health issues across Norwich.

For Jason, the biggest attraction of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme was the opportunity to meet others facing the same problems as him. The programme has allowed him to strengthen the project and helped him form community partnerships in his area to expand Waterwish to new groups of people.

Jason did not consider starting the project to focus purely on profit as he finds it much more rewarding to help the most vulnerable in his community. He enjoys the process of providing outdoor activities to groups of young people who have never had the opportunity to do anything like it before.


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