The Recycled Assets Company

The Recycled Assets Company aims at stopping the wasteful behaviour.

Having worked at The Shaw Trust for several years, Jason Bentley took redundancy in 2013 to establish his own social enterprise, The Recycled Assets Company. Noticing how wasteful many companies are and how many unwanted office items are being discarded, Jason established the enterprise out of his desire to stop this wasteful behaviour and redistribute these unwanted items back to people who really need them.

The Recycled Assets Company has three main strands: it provides a service of clearing spaces including offices, schools, universities and even houses of unwanted furniture, equipment and waste; this creates a secondary market as these discarded items can be cleaned and fixed to distribute back to smaller businesses and start-ups who are in need of them; the third aim, the company’s true social mission, is to support disadvantaged and disabled young people by creating work experience and job opportunities to help them develop skills and confidence to give them a greater chance in life.

“There is a real diversity of people on the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme and a lot of peer support. It’s the kind of exposure we wouldn’t usually get with top business people that’s really useful. Our aim is to develop The Recycled Assets Company into the company businesses turn to when relocating; there is so much waste in landfill and we want to reduce this and redistribute it back to people with less wealth”.

Jason created a social enterprise to be able to use the services he had to offer and generate money through trade to invest back into the business to keep it sustained. With the support of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme, he is looking to develop The Recycled Assets Company into a best-of-breed sustainable business that is the cheaper option for businesses to turn to when relocating.


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