Wind energy powering social change

The Wind Energy Community Project offers hands-on learning and work experience opportunities.

Debra Nicholson started the Wind Energy Community Project to provide skills development and learning opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in the local community. After witnessing the increased confidence in her volunteers, Debra is keen to develop more opportunities including recognised qualifications on top of their existing support for Apprentices and Princes Trust volunteers.

With the support of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme, Debra is planning to pilot a mentoring scheme and invite retired builders and engineers to speak to young people about their experiences and the skills they can learn through different career paths.

Debra said: "The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme has equipped me with the skills to think about both sides of the Wind Energy Community Project to develop its sustainability - the corporate side which is necessary for income and to maintain the wind pump, and the social side to reach out to more people in the community."

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