• Meet our Social Entrepreneurs

    Social Entrepreneurs Programme

    Have a look at some great social entrepreneurs stories and how our Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme is helping them to go further in their enterprise.



    Running outdoor and water-based group activities for young people suffering from physical illness or mental health issues. 

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    ​Empowering artists on a social mission

    Call of the Brave promotes new artists and supports people affected by unfair fashion. 

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    ​Sculpting workshops

    Art & Murals supports mental health sufferers during their important first steps to re-engaging with society. 

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    ​Using the power of music

    Boom! Samba Drumming uses music to break down social barriers and unite people. 

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    ​Wind energy powering social change

    The Wind Energy Community Project offers hands-on learning and work experience opportunities. 

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    ​Doing Baking Differently

    Lauren is using the power of business to creative positive social change 

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    ​The Recycled Assets Company

    The Recycled Assets Company aims at stopping the wasteful behaviour. 

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